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Pushed through a wall May 6, 2009

I hopped on the elliptical this morning, still recovering from DOMS and trying to force my tired body to get a workout over with.
I really hope that someday I can be one of those women who LOVE their workout and don’t have to play a mental battle everyday just to get it done. Who knows maybe those woman don’t actually exist!

I set myself up with a 30 minute interval training and pressed start. First 5 minutes always seem the hardest for me, my legs really burn and want to stop. After the 5 it is smooth sailing for about 10 minutes and then I hit the wall. Not the actual wall mind you, but a physical and mental wall. I wanted to stop soooo bad, but Mika and thoughts of my big fat hips melting away kept me going. I talked myself into making it to the 20 minute mark….just to 20 and then you can quit.

Well I made it to 20 and even though I had to slow down a few more times than I wanted too, I pushed it to 30 minutes. I figure 15 minutes of something is better than nothing. I know I will get stronger and eventually wont feel like I am dying while trying to get my cardio in.

Keep pushing, keep winning the battle with yourself!