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Weigh in! June 10, 2009

Today is the weigh in for the sisterhood and I have not budged…..bummer!

I am not too stressed about it, b/c other people have noticed a difference and I got a few comments this week. I think I can even see a small difference. I also know my body and how it reacts to weights, I put on muscle faster than I lose fat. At some point tho, the weight will just suddenly start dropping off. I just hope it will drop during this challenge so I can pull in some big numbers for the team…Go Team Coral!

My leg in improving slightly, no workout yesterday, but I did walk around the block a couple times. No workout today but I ate very moderately. I have a busy day tomorrow so I am skipping the shred and will throw in a walk for sure. I figure I will give my leg one more day and then ease back into the shredding and hope for the best…..

hopefully the scale will budge a little next week….or a lot!


A happy surprise! May 5, 2009

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I posted my starting weight at 160, b/c that is where I had originally started a few months ago.
I had gotten to 155 before I was interrupted by my dental maladies.
I had not worked out and I had just been feeling heavier. I really had thought I was probably back to 160 if not heavier.
I was too chicken to step on the scale……but I did this morning, I couldn’t resist it.
I could hardly believe my eyes. Not only did I manage to maintain, but I had actually lost a pound!
So official blog start weight