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I am still here! June 15, 2009

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I have not been working out all week….I have a good reason I promise!

My bum leg, what a bummer. I definitely pulled a muscle of some sort, and after working out on it one day, it was just so much worse.
It is finally not hurting anymore and I plan to get back into the swing of things on Wednesday. Tomorrow  will not be a good day b/c my baby girl Odessa is having her spay surgery. I have to get up very early with her and then nurse her when she gets back.
I am very bummed about having to put the shred on hold, and I am hoping I wont have fallen to far behind in my strength and stamina.
I will of course update.
I have been eating as well as possible, and hope I have not gained anything come weigh in day!


Weigh in! June 10, 2009

Today is the weigh in for the sisterhood and I have not budged…..bummer!

I am not too stressed about it, b/c other people have noticed a difference and I got a few comments this week. I think I can even see a small difference. I also know my body and how it reacts to weights, I put on muscle faster than I lose fat. At some point tho, the weight will just suddenly start dropping off. I just hope it will drop during this challenge so I can pull in some big numbers for the team…Go Team Coral!

My leg in improving slightly, no workout yesterday, but I did walk around the block a couple times. No workout today but I ate very moderately. I have a busy day tomorrow so I am skipping the shred and will throw in a walk for sure. I figure I will give my leg one more day and then ease back into the shredding and hope for the best…..

hopefully the scale will budge a little next week….or a lot!


I am in Pain people! June 8, 2009

This sucks!

Today was either shred #6 and I was not strong at all. I am having severe pain when I do my cardio only. It is on the side of my calve just below my knee on the outside of my leg. Everytime I jump and come back down it just kills. It definitely got in the way, as far stamina and motivation goes.

I just dont know what it could be….GAH not now! Not during a challenge!
Hopefully it will chill the heck out!

I had a pretty good weekend, and did not eat too poorly. Even though I was face to face with the most delicious flon I have ever had, homemade by a sweet Puerto rican friend.
I just had one small slice…man I wanted to eat more!

I am going to try and workout everyday the week, despite my leg….its my goal!

Go team CORAL!