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DOMS May 5, 2009

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DOMS….It sounds so ominous, and it sort of is. Delayed onset muscle soreness, and I have it right now.

I am sore……so very sore.
It sucks when you start working out and you get past that initial soreness, and then something forces you to stop.
I had an infected wisdom tooth so I got all four of my wisdom teeth out. I thought no problem, I will be out of commission for a week. Well then on top of that I got a jawbone infection that made me sick as well and had to have more surgery.
I was out for more like a month.

So yesterday I kicked back into the swing of things but I am now have to relive the initial crazy painful first time soreness.
The kinda sore that tells you, Its ok to let that dollar blow away into the wind b/c it hurts to much to bend over for it…..hmmm one dollar….acceptable loss (true story)
It will soon pass.
On another note, I really really wanted seconds last night of the Delicious ziti I made last night but after I typed out that blog I just went to bed 🙂