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And I’m Back! August 31, 2009

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Holy cow…what a rain delay!

So I have been working out all summer….honest, even though I have not been posting about it here.
I have lost about 10 pounds give or take, and feel a bit stronger. I have however been away from the gym for 14 days on vacation… talk about to much!

To much salt
To much carbs
To much alcohol

I am bloat city right now, I can see it in my face and belly…..
I refuse to even get near the scale for at least 2 weeks, it would just bum me out. I know that I probably have minimal fat gain, mostly water so what good would stepping on doom do for me. Just gonna get back in the gym and sweat!


weighing in! July 22, 2009

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Today is weigh in day, and I am weighing in the same as last week…..149. It could be worse considering I have not really gotten much exercise since last wednesday.

I have been stressed, and not feeling or sleeping well. hopefully I can pull it all back together soon.


weigh in wednesday! July 15, 2009

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I did not lose any weight this week, but thats ok….I worked really hard anyway!

Did lots of cardio, and some weights too. I am feeling pretty good, and am just chugging along. Hope to pick back up on the blogging more soon!



Michael Jackson June 26, 2009

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Rest In Peace


shred #4 June 2, 2009

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I bumped my weights up today for some of the exercises and I was really feeling it!
The 3 pounders are good for the side lunge with a front raise, but for biceps and back it just was not enough so I bumped up to 5 pounders. I am also using 8 pounders for the lying chest work.

I had been feeling like my push up (sissy as it is) was off somehow. It was hard, but I just felt awkward, like I could never get my hand placement right or something.

So last night I had DH give me a tutorial. I just wanted him to show me where my hands are supposed to be, but he wanted me to get on the floor and show him what I was doing. I was so embarrassed!

I guess it is a good thing I did, b/c apparently I have been doing my push ups all wrong (even for a sissy push up)…
My butt has been in the air and my back has not been straight! What! Have! I! been doing all this time!
I listen when she says to keep my back straight and keep my butt out of the air, but apparently the body had other ideas. I really really thought I had decent form…

Good thing I caught it early, b/c my own feeling of body placement was WAY off!
Bad thing is that the proper form made doing a push up (sissy style) 10 times harder…I can hardly do one completely!
I am hoping my strength comes quickly so I can do this like it should be done soon!
I have never been able to do a push up, not even in high school when I was in good shape. I am not sure what is up with this, and I hope to remedy the issue and impress the husband ASAP.

So the workout was harder, but this is a good thing. I want to burn off these hips!


A great contest over at fit eats~ May 27, 2009

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Lindsey over at fiteats has a great giveaway for Pure Inventions chocolate cocoa extract.
Its a sugar-free, artificial sweetener-free, caffeine-free, calorie-free and dairy free way to add some chocolate to your life!
I am definitely giving this a try!
Check out her contest and her site. She has a lot of great recipes and meal ideas that make healthy eating easier. Instead of feeling like your deprived and “on a diet” you can make it an enjoyable way of life!