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weighing in! July 22, 2009

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Today is weigh in day, and I am weighing in the same as last week…..149. It could be worse considering I have not really gotten much exercise since last wednesday.

I have been stressed, and not feeling or sleeping well. hopefully I can pull it all back together soon.


weigh in wednesday! July 15, 2009

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I did not lose any weight this week, but thats ok….I worked really hard anyway!

Did lots of cardio, and some weights too. I am feeling pretty good, and am just chugging along. Hope to pick back up on the blogging more soon!



Another weigh in day post! July 8, 2009

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Down 2 more pounds coming in at 149!

I hit the gym this morning and pushed out 45 minutes of cardio. Yesterday I did 35 minutes and then upper body strength, and man are my arms and chest sore!

I am feeling pretty good and am happy that I am finally losing some weight for my team, Go Team Coral!


Gym all to myself! July 6, 2009

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I had the gym all to myself for most of my 45 minutes ARC trainer session….that  was great!

We had a great 4th of July weekend! We got together with friends on Friday to go to the Festa del Formaggio here in my little village. I ate pretty healthy, all but for the frico…..its a slab of delicious fried cheese, but hey its a delicacy here!!

I split one with the husband, so thats not too bad!
The next night we got together with some more friends for the 4th of July celebration at the base. We had a great time and enjoyed the fireworks.

Today I got my workout in, and am feeling pretty great about it. I took the week off for my cycle. It is so heavy and painful….it just makes almost everything unmanageable!

I am back at it this week!


Weigh in day! July 1, 2009

Down another pound woohoo, weighing in at 151!

I think this is pretty good considering all the eating I did this weekend, but I also have been putting in more cardio this week than I have in the past.
I did 45 on the arc trainer yesterday, and it felt great! We also have been continuing to eat better and integrate healthier choices into our diets.
So I am feeling pretty good about finally bringing in some numbers for me team. Go Team Coral!