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Busy days May 30, 2009

Filed under: personal — athenapink @ 12:53 pm

I have not been able to shred for the last 3 days 😦
I know, Shame!

I only plan to shred Mondays through Fridays as it is. Wednesday night I got together with a good friend here.
In my defense, it was the first time I have been able to get together with a friend without children since before DH left for his work in the beginning of March.

We had a good time, but it was a very very late night that continues to make me feel tired.
She is Italian and they just start things late in the evenings. I dont think we even started dinner until 10.
I got home around 330 and had to wake DD up for the bus at 6! My fault I know.
So needless to say there was no workout on Thursday morning. I crawled back in bed for a few more hours.

I spent Thursday exhausted taking DD to recital practice. Signing youngest DD for lunches at the Italian Asilo (major language barrier) and then took care of that puking child! Needless to say I needed to get to bed early for a busy day on Friday.

I accompanied my DD to her end of year field trip to an Italian theme park. It was pretty lame for adults but fun for the kids!

Today is another busy day, DD has her ballet recital in a few hours and our Maine Coon kitten just pooped a shard of metal!
So I will be having a busy day or two. Hopefully this metal did not damage her insides in any way, only time will tell.

I will be shredding monday morning! Honest!


One Response to “Busy days”

  1. Sweet Pea Says:

    Wow sounds like a busy weekend and glad you got to get together with friends, but wow 3:30 I would be exhausted too!!

    Hopefully you will find time to fit in the shred.

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