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May 22, 2009

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I had a great workout this morning and I feel pretty energized now!
I love the ARC trainer. I get such a great workout, and it burns more calories than your standard elliptical.
It looks like an elliptical on steroids and it seems as though some people are afraid of it. The Cardio junkies at the last 2 gyms I have gone too flock to the elliptical while the ARC trainers seem to gather a bit of dust.
The workout is just hands down better.
The ARC trainers foot plates move in an un-elliptical motion that is a biomechanically correct and impact free.
The foot plates move in an arc pattern that puts less stress on the knees and works more of the large muscle groups in the lower body than your average elliptical.
I can feel my core stabilizing throughout the whole workout, especially the lower abs.
By utilizing more of these large muscle groups, you burn up to twice as many calories as you would on the elliptical for the same amount of time. For me the time seems to go faster on this machine as well. Maybe its because your using so many muscles, your body just does not feel as bored.
All around it is a great cardio workout, and it gives great results!
Dont be afraid to hop on one and give it a go.
I like to adjust my incline, and keep abs tight as my knees come up higher…..its a great lower ab workout.
In short, I LOVE it!


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