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A busy day May 7, 2009

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I have been on the go all day, cleaning, shopping, and attending a volunteer recognition picnic.
I ate pretty well at the picnic and did not overdo it, so I was pretty proud of myself. I want to try and get a workout in tonight before bed, and have been mentally pumping myself up for one all day.
I still have a lot of cleaning to do, but If nothing else I need to get some weight training done today.

It is amazing to be with a large group, and to see how many people have just let themselves go. They dress nice and seem to care about themselves, yet they have just packed on the weight!
Its sad, but also a strange motivator. I see what I don’t want to become, so I’m throwing this train in reverse before its to late.
Although, I don’t believe it is ever truly “to late” to affect a positive change, I do believe it gets harder the heavier you are.
It takes a lot of time and bad habits to get that big. Habits done over such a long period of time are very hard to undo, and we get lazy and resolved to our fate.
I am stepping it up, I want to be a good example to my children and to others. I don’t want to throw in the towel and just be satisfied with this life.

Just the opposite on the motivation spectrum is the healthy, energetic, people! They are fewer and far between these days. I am definitely seeing more chub than muscle out there.
However when they appear, it can be hard not to stare at and admire them. Fit and toned, putting fresh veggies and fruit in their cart. You see them and you want to be them!
They make healthy choices.They choose to eat healthy and choose to workout daily. Their choices reflect outward as a positive example.

Instead of making an excuse to view them negatively as I have seen many unhealthy people do, to justify their own poor choices in life, I am choosing to admire and strive to be more like them. Obviously the girl is doing something right, so maybe I should follow her lead and put down the chips and throw some broccoli in my cart!

I like to keep both images in my head. On one end of the line are the unhealthy and obese, and on the other the fit and toned. I think of every choice I make and whether it is a step forwards to a healthy life, or a step backwards to the life of obesity, and misery. I don’t want to be wallowing in the unhealthy pack! I want people to see me and find me to be a positive, motivating image in their minds! So I am running and fighting my way to the place and person I want to be.

Keep pushing, keep making good choices. Each healthy choice, no matter how small, is a step in the right direction!


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