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Busy days May 30, 2009

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I have not been able to shred for the last 3 days 😦
I know, Shame!

I only plan to shred Mondays through Fridays as it is. Wednesday night I got together with a good friend here.
In my defense, it was the first time I have been able to get together with a friend without children since before DH left for his work in the beginning of March.

We had a good time, but it was a very very late night that continues to make me feel tired.
She is Italian and they just start things late in the evenings. I dont think we even started dinner until 10.
I got home around 330 and had to wake DD up for the bus at 6! My fault I know.
So needless to say there was no workout on Thursday morning. I crawled back in bed for a few more hours.

I spent Thursday exhausted taking DD to recital practice. Signing youngest DD for lunches at the Italian Asilo (major language barrier) and then took care of that puking child! Needless to say I needed to get to bed early for a busy day on Friday.

I accompanied my DD to her end of year field trip to an Italian theme park. It was pretty lame for adults but fun for the kids!

Today is another busy day, DD has her ballet recital in a few hours and our Maine Coon kitten just pooped a shard of metal!
So I will be having a busy day or two. Hopefully this metal did not damage her insides in any way, only time will tell.

I will be shredding monday morning! Honest!


A great contest over at fit eats~ May 27, 2009

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Lindsey over at fiteats has a great giveaway for Pure Inventions chocolate cocoa extract.
Its a sugar-free, artificial sweetener-free, caffeine-free, calorie-free and dairy free way to add some chocolate to your life!
I am definitely giving this a try!
Check out her contest and her site. She has a lot of great recipes and meal ideas that make healthy eating easier. Instead of feeling like your deprived and “on a diet” you can make it an enjoyable way of life!


30 day shred-Day 2

Wow, I am so proud of myself today…you have know idea!

When I woke up this morning, my calves were so sore and tight I could barely walk.
I got dressed and got DD ready for school. I walked her to the bus stop and thought to myself the whole time, I am not going to shred today! I am too sore, and too tired! I NEED to take a day off, rest is gooood for my body!
I was talking myself out of my workout, and letting myself be lazy. Excuse after excuse came to mind.
DH left for work and I got undressed and stared at my gym clothes, then told myself my calves were too sore and I might pull a muscle or something so I got redressed and laid on the couch.

Then my inner voice started telling me how lazy I was and it isn’t called the 30 day shred for nothing! If I wanted to get results I would have to hurt and have to put in the effort. Its only 20 minutes of pain! Suck it up!

I got up, put my gym clothes on and I DID IT!

It did not hurt my calves, if anything they feel better, and I feel better about myself!
It was still very tough but maybe just a smidge better than day 1.
I cant wait to see what this will do for me, and how much stronger I can become.

I really want to be able to do a full push up and come up from doing them on my knees.


30 Day Shred May 26, 2009

I think I have found the holy grail of at home workouts!

Sometimes it is hard to get going at home….I have a full gym and an elliptical upstairs but it is hard for me to get ready to “do it all” up there.

To get a good workout I would have to commit to at least and hour of weights and then some cardio, and it is hard to overcome my laziness at home to do it. Going to the gym to workout is another story, but that is difficult these days as well. My hubs works late hours and the good gym here does not have childcare.

The child friendly gym has a child area near the equipment where you put your child as you workout. You however have to watch your own child.

When I go to the gym I like to put my ear buds in, crank up the music and get into my zone! I don’t like buddies, too distracting. Working out while watching your own child get hit on the head with another child’s sippy cup and start crying while you debate leaving your zone to go give a hug….BIG distraction.

So needless to say working out at home is my only real option but the free weights and elliptical upstairs bore me and don’t get me off the couch.

I am a firmie…The Firm is a system that has been around for decades and stems out of a gym is south Carolina.
I did the firm a few years back and got back into my pre baby jeans very quickly.
The firm works, it really does but I have started to tire of it. The new workouts are nothing like the old, so I am working with the same DVDs I have had for almost 5 -6 years. I really just felt like it was time to shake things up.
One thing about the Firm is the workouts are about an hour give or take a few minutes. That seems like an eternity of squatting lunging and stepping…It never ends!

While I do love the firm and I highly recommend the older series of workouts, a little thing called the 30 day shred had begun to catch my attention very recently.
People were talking about this awesome workout, that kicks your butt and gives really great results in 20 minutes a day.
That made my firm box and stick look a lot less appealing.

It is not more results for less work, let me tell you! I did my first workout today and it kicked my butt hard! I have never sweat so much in my life! Not after 30 minutes on the ARC trainer, not after an hour doing the Firm.
I have to mop the floor when I am done!
It was hard….but in a good way.

It is split into 3 levels, and each level is 20 minutes with 6 minute rotations. 3 minutes of strength 2 minutes of cardio, and 1 minute of abs. You rotate through this 6 minute rotation 3 times, with different exercises each time. You don’t get a moments rest, to drink or catch your breath..its constant movement and work. Laying on the floor for chest and and abs was seriously hard but a sweet relief at the same time!

Level one was so difficult I don’t see myself moving up to level 2 anytime soon. Women on the boards I frequent are terrified of level 3 and curse Jillian’s name all the way through!

The 30 day shred is split like this, and I will attempt to do this split if my stamina allows…we shall see,
some pretty fit women have a hard time with this split.
10 days at level 1
10 days at level 2
and 10 days at level 3
then you can repeat this cycle again with heavier weights.

I am using 3 pounders for most of the exercises (trust me 3 pounds is waayyy more difficult than it sounds)
and 5 pounds for lying chest work.

The trainer is Jillian Michaels, and her two workout buddies. One buddy shows the modified version of the exercise but honestly there are not many modifications.

The moves are simple and there is no fancy foot work or box stepping.

Jillian talks alot through the video and I can see where this might get somewhat annoying at some point, but also motivating when she finally tells you that you only have 5 left!
She is a trainer on the Biggest Loser show, which I have never watched but may need to check out now.

I will update daily with my results and maybe some before and after pics 😉
I will to the shred on the weekdays and continue my cardio at the gym on weekends, I just enjoy that time away from the kids and DH, just for myself!

Diet wise I will continue what I have been doing. Watching my portions and eating more fruits and veggies and cutting out the salt.

Does anyone wanna shred with me?!?
We can motivate each other here, leave comments and lets make this interactive.
If your saying, “wait I don’t have the DVD yet” amazon has it for a great price under 10 dollars.
I have not received my DVD yet either but the whole thing is on youtube. Just search for 30 day shred and do it in front of your computer, you don’t need much space.
Or hook your computer through your TV, thats what I have done.

Motivate me, lets do this together!


another get together with friends.. May 25, 2009

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Yes again, another bbq!
I know I am not the only person on the planet faced with a bbq or 2 on the summer weekends. I did not do too bad this time around. I had a couple chicken and pepper kebabs and a small rib.
Very few chips, and some rice.
It was a good time and we played wii fit the whole night, so there was some balance. Some good food and some activity!
It is hilarious to see the boys hula hoop 🙂
Today I went to the gym and got my fitness on. I pushed out some cardio, but ended up with a headache after I was done, so I skipped the weights.
Feeling pretty good with myself, 3 workouts in a row!
I think the gym is where I will head on the weekends from now on. Now that the husband is home, I can get a nice break from the him and the kids and work on myself.


barbecue weight gain May 24, 2009

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I will have it, if I keep eating at barbecues like I did last night.
Damn the guacamole for being so good!!
I am just going to insure a good workout today. I wanted to hit up the gym, but the child friendly gym is closed on weekends…so a workout at home.
I am thinking a total body workout then some cardio to really kick yesterdays guacfest goodbye.
I have the tools here so I will use them!
Have a great memorial weekend!


May 22, 2009

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I had a great workout this morning and I feel pretty energized now!
I love the ARC trainer. I get such a great workout, and it burns more calories than your standard elliptical.
It looks like an elliptical on steroids and it seems as though some people are afraid of it. The Cardio junkies at the last 2 gyms I have gone too flock to the elliptical while the ARC trainers seem to gather a bit of dust.
The workout is just hands down better.
The ARC trainers foot plates move in an un-elliptical motion that is a biomechanically correct and impact free.
The foot plates move in an arc pattern that puts less stress on the knees and works more of the large muscle groups in the lower body than your average elliptical.
I can feel my core stabilizing throughout the whole workout, especially the lower abs.
By utilizing more of these large muscle groups, you burn up to twice as many calories as you would on the elliptical for the same amount of time. For me the time seems to go faster on this machine as well. Maybe its because your using so many muscles, your body just does not feel as bored.
All around it is a great cardio workout, and it gives great results!
Dont be afraid to hop on one and give it a go.
I like to adjust my incline, and keep abs tight as my knees come up higher…..its a great lower ab workout.
In short, I LOVE it!